Back in the days of the April release for SHR-Testing, the keyboard wouldn't
auto-display, and I thought that was somewhat inconvenient, so I was happy
when I upgraded to SHR-U and saw that the keyboard would auto-display when I
clicked in text fields.

However, I've found that the behavior is more annoying than having to pull
up the keyboard when I want it.  There are many times that a program will
automatically put the cursor into a text field, and I don't want to do
anything with that text field, so I have to manually close the keyboard. 
Then I click somewhere else on the screen, and it happens to go into a text
area again... the keyboard auto-displays, and I have to manually close it

Is there a configuration that I can tell it to only display and hide
manually?  I want it to stay invisible until I want it, and I want it to
stay visible until I'm done... indicated by hitting the button to activate /
deactivate.  I don't want it to try to interpret when it thinks I want it
and when I don't.

I've searched the mailing list using Nabble, and the only thing I found was
from when the matchbox keyboard was a separate application, and there was a
separate configuration (/etc/matchbox/session).  Unfortunately that path
doesn't exist in the December release.

Thanks for any info.

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