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> I only know about Android needing forked Qi. Which other distro also
> requires you to have custom bootloader?

None that I know of. But the main problem is that you can't (as a user)
easily multiboot between one image in NAND and sevaral images on SD card.
Let's see:
- Qi is missing the so-called "multiboot partition" that was proposed to fix
this. There has been a few attempts to create a write up that explains how
to set up all this, but AFAIk, today there isn't a complete ow-to anywhere.
In my eyes, this makes qi incomplete.

- uboot has problem with bigger kernels, and besides you still have to
configure it by hand for each partition you want to boot (whoever thought
that up? an ex-grub developer? Why can't uboot figure out this on its own?
Why does it nedd the help of a human for such a simple task?)

- you have already mentioned the forked Qi that Android needs.

Have I forgotten anything?
Torfinn Ingolfsen
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