In The Name Of God The compassionate merciful

Hello , The above sentence is regular phrase that we use to remember God
anytime in any letter/post /work . to remember that we are made by someone
who is compassionate merciful unique and that we are nothing against him
.more info read quran . of course it is undeniable we are free to select our
way .
also dehqan is my humble last name .

Anyway some questions remained :

1 - There is an option that lets tangogps users selecting using Google sat
maps , but some problems :

A - Is not using google maps under TangoGPS against google's EULA ? If it is
do not answer next questions .

B - Quality of pictures (Google maps) in Tangogps is not the same as Google
apps . for example check this
both .
Maybe this is cause of the differnece between and pictures ??

C - Google app shows street names with an option "show label" . Can not
Tangogps get that layer in the same way it get pictures ?

2 - How to download a part of earth (city/country) maps with zoom level 15
(500/1000 meter height) ?

Regards dehqan
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