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dehqan65 <dehqa...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Anyway some questions remained :
> 1 - There is an option that lets tangogps users selecting using
> Google sat maps , but some problems :
> A - Is not using google maps under TangoGPS against google's EULA ?

You have to ask a lawyer for that. And the more lawyers you ask, the
more opinions you will get.

I am not a lawyer. But tangoGPS uses its name as user
agent, i.e. it does not disguise as Internet Explorer or Firefox. So
simply from a practical point of view Google can block it easily.

As long as tangogps users are less than 0.000001% of the traffic I
guess they wont bother.

And if you start downloading larger areas you quickly get a 24 hour

In any case I am sure they have tuck loads of excellent lawyers :-)

> B - Quality of pictures (Google maps) in Tangogps is not the same as
> Google apps . for example check this
> location<http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=32.7026,51.1537&spn=0.046946,0.097418&t=k&z=14&key=ABQIAAAAEHSQK1vAAAuBZm_l9nDfuxR-o64xXIeDw7j_JZZzFnbEVH6OthQCJTz0e4bbm3CpyEKMFqf7FEzFIw&mapclient=jsapi&oi=map_misc&ct=api_logo>in
> both .
> Maybe this is cause of the differnece between maps.google.com and
> http://khm.google.com/ pictures ??

No difference here for that very location. And I never saw any
difference elsewhere.

> C - Google app shows street names with an option "show label" . Can
> not Tangogps get that layer in the same way it get pictures ?

Currently no.

> 2 - How to download a part of earth (city/country) maps with zoom
> level 15 (500/1000 meter height) ?

Zoom to the area you need and click on the map. Choose the last entry
in the pop-up menu and follow the instructions.


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