> [...]
> > As you can see, the ResourceChanged signal is not listed (neither on my FR 
> > nor on my PC), but with qdbusviewer I can connect to it and receive the 
> > signal:
> It seems the signature is wrong.
> In a my working snippet I used (with QDBusConnection::connect):
> dbus->connect(OUSAGED_SERVICE,OUSAGED_PATH,OUSAGED_INTERFACE,"ResourceChanged",this,SLOT(resourceChanged(QString,bool,QVariantMap)));
> where resourceChanged has the following signature:
> void resourceChanged(QString name, bool state, QVariantMap attributes);
> Hoping it helps.
>      Niko

Thanks. Using QDBusConnection did it. Using this signature 
(QString,bool,QVariantMap) with my dbus interface does not work though.

My struct (FSOResourceStatus) was defined as QString,bool,Map<QVariant> but did 
not work.

Nevertheless, using only a connection and no struct but Qt datatypes directly 
as you stated above does the job. But it still makes me wonder why it does not 
work with a QDBusInterface...


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