Dear List,

I would like to inform you that I am working on a patch against tangoGPS to 
support heart rate recording with data provided by a bluetooth heart rate 
sensor (currently only zephyr hxm, any BT sensor possible if documentation is 
available). Patch is working already, might still needs some fine tuning.

At the moment I display current HR as map osd the same way speed is done and HR 
gets recorded to track files as additional parameter per timestamp (only when 
hrm is enabled in tangogps settings screen - so nothing changes for users 
without heart rate recording). This could be of great interest for all those 
free-bikers (like me) and free-runners out there.

I hope Marcus might be interested to integrate that patch into tangoGPS 
mainline. If you are, I could send some more information and a first version of 
my patch (currently developed against tangogps 0.99.1)

Kind regards,
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