On 1/18/10, Helge Hafting <helge.haft...@hist.no> wrote:
> Noel wrote:
>> I'm the only one who sees the **big** advantage of navit over
>> tangogps, as being able to work **offline**, with very-easy-to-get
>> maps?
> Download all the maps you need once when you're online.
> Tangogps will work fine offline after that.
> (The same goes for navit - you have to give it a map
> to work with. Tangogps merely has the option of downloading
> maps when needed.)

I use gps apps when I'm in an **unexpected** position/place.
Otherwise, I can look on a paper map or on Internet a couple hours
before. The 512mb sd card received with neo is enough to keep a navit
map (downloaded 'very' fast) to cover my daily 'unexpected' routes. I
can't say the same for tangogps. This doesn't mean that I don't use
it. Last time was 7 months ago, when I've been a little 'adventurous'
on an uncharted (by osm) area. I used the tracking feature of tangogps
to get back from where I started :)

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