c_c <cchan...@yahoo.com> writes:
>   I'm using timo's .29 faster kernel. I had the gsm not registering with
> this kernel using fso-abyss. Somehow, in my case (though I've has #1024 and
> buzz fix applied) using gsm0710muxd always works.

Abyss developers (Mickey?) might want to see strace of fso-abyss. I do
not know a clean way to capture it however. I would replace abyss with
a wrapper shell script that'll use strace to capture everything abyss

1) mv /usr/sbin/fso-abyss /usr/sbin/fso-abyss.real
2) cat > /usr/sbin/fso-abyss << EOF
strace -o /tmp/abyss.strace -s4096 -f -tt /usr/sbin/fso-abyss.real "$@"
3) chmod a+x /usr/sbin/fso-abyss
4) reboot
5) try to use GSM
6) mv /usr/sbin/fso-abyss.real /usr/sbin/fso-abyss
7) put /tmp/abyss.strace online (note that it can contain your PIN
code, names and numbers of contacts and even SMS)

If somebody knows an easier way, let me know :-)

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