On Fri, 22 Jan 2010 23:11:25 -0800 (PST)
c_c <cchan...@yahoo.com> (C) wrote:

>  Can some users confirm the version of webkit that works? I have
>v1.1.18+svnr52207-r52207-r0.4 installed and I get an 'unable to create
>webview' error in eve.

libwebkit-1.0-bin - 1.1.18+svnr52207-r52207-r0.4

works just fine for me:

r...@om-gta02 ~ $ browser 
restoring state
db ver 0
3 SQL error: duplicate column name: full_screen
showing window
Error #0 while loading the group 'scrollbar.vertical'.
Error #0 while loading the group 'scrollbar.vertical'.
-------------running here-------------------
-------------press close--------------------
browser: fccache.c:512: FcCacheFini: Assertion `fcCacheChains[i] ==
((void *)0)' failed. Aborted
-------------ended here-----------------------


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