The jurisdiction where I reside recently implemented a law banning handheld
devices while driving.  I bought a Jabra BT125 because someone reported success
with it and the Freerunner.  I've gone over the SHR manual web page and the
manually using bluetooth page and everything else Google could find with both
SHR Unstable and SHR Testing.  Finally bought a Motorola phone and have set
aside the Freerunner for now. :-(

I've never used bluetooth before, but it seems the Freerunner (GTA02) pairs with
either the Jabra or with my truck's Sync, but does not connect.  The headset
beeps twice and exits its pairing mode, but does not make another beep that it
does make when I pair it with my Motorola phone.  The truck saves om-gta02, but
does not say it is connected to the phone as it does when I pair it with the
Motorola.  In either case the Freerunner says "New device
(/org/bluez/xxxx/hci0/dev_xx_xx_xx_xx_xx_xx)" (not really x's of course).

I am wondering if only a few people have got bluetooth to work with headsets for
GSM calls while lots of us lose sleep over it, or have most got it going and
I'm just missing something?


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