Hello fellow Openmokonians,

I recently installed Android on my FR, and so far I am very pleased with 
it's performance.
Sadly I am having some problems:

1.: I have trouble connecting my Android to Ubuntu Karmic. This is what 
I do when I try to connect it:
    -boot Ubuntu
    -connect my FR to the computer via USB
    -I use Qi, so it boots automatically when I connect it with USB
I once (the first time) got a Network-Manager notifier when I connected, 
but since then I've not seen the device anywhere but in lsusb (not in 
ifconfig -a, Network-Manager or Wicd).
Any suggestions as of what I am doing wrong?

2.: WiFi problems! I've always had WiFi problems on every wireless 
device I've owned, so I'm quite used to it. It says it's connected after 
I've selected my AP and entered my passkey, but no network traffic 
whatsoever. Do I need to enable/disable something?

3.: I'd very much like to use the built-in terminal emulator, but I 
can't submit the command (pressing enter doesn't work).
Any obvious tricks I've missed here?

    Thanks in advance

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