>Petr Vanek wrote:
>> - be able to handle downloads (start external wget process?) or allow
>>   copy of the link into clipboard
>  An external wget process makes sense. I'll try that. Does
> the /home/root/
>directory work - or should I create a Downloads directory
>(under /home/root) and download the files there?

How about ~ by default but having it as a configurable string? And the
downloader perhaps too? "wget". Some might change it to 
"wget -c"  (continue downloading)

>Petr Vanek wrote:
>> - preconfigured to handle https
>  Hmm, I could add the /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt to the ipk
> for
>now. What do you think?

I hadn't realized until yesterday that the cert was the only thing
missing, all the rest is installed by default already. Yes, either
having it in the ipk or coordinate with the SHR folks who are
apparently planning a solution too.

>Petr Vanek wrote:
>> - fix combo selection widget (IIRC edje theming issue)
>  That would need edje experience way beyond what I have right now.
> Maybe
>someone (Jesus McCloud) could help with this?
>  I'm still struggling with the edje file for launcher.

Have no edje knowledge either...

>Petr Vanek wrote:
>> - disable content selection or at least ideally make it configurable
>> (it makes finger scrolling working real slow if you select an image)
>  Thats because efl-wbkit doesn't yet allow accessing webkit settings.
> Same
>problem for turning off images. I'll try working around that.

Low priority, as mentioned.

>vollkorn" wrote:
>> - add support for user/pass protected pages. 
>  Can you send me a link to test with? 

test here:


username and password: ventura



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