On Sunday 21 February 2010, Jan Girlich wrote:
> Hi,
> after I got my gta02 A06 a hardware buzz fix late December last year the
> mic is very soft with the newest SHR unstable. So I had a look at all
> the different tips around and carefully read all emails of the thread
> "Experiment: better sound on remote end" and all links mentioned in
> there and tried all the suggested tweaks and got rid of any static or
> noise, but the mic still is so soft that I literally have to yell at my
> phone from close distance in order to be hardly understood by the
> callee.
> What could be the problem? Any suggestions on what I could try to set
> the mic volume to a usable level? Could the problem be related to the
> buzz fix?

IIRC the buzz fix reduces the sensitivity of the mic input slightly. 
> After fiddling around with the settings for a long time I ended up with
> setting the controls in the gsmhandset.state file back to these values.
> The other values are untouched.
> * control.48:   3
> * control.63:   'Mic 2'
> * control.12:   7
> * control.5:    115

Controls 48 and 12 are on maximum, while control 5 has 12 steps remaining. You 
still have scope to make the mic a fair bit louder if you need to. 3, 5 and 
121 would give the same volume level with less chance of distortion. 

Desc.                   Range                           Chan    Setting
Mic2 Capture Volume     +12dB - +30dB / 6dB steps       48      0-3
Mono Sidetone Play Vol. -15dB - +6dB / 3dB steps        12      0-7
Mono Playback Volume    -73dB - +6dB / 1dB steps        5       0-127 (but 0-47 
are mute)

-76dB - +42dB / 1dB steps => 119 steps (120 with mute)

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