Em 03-03-2010 19:19, Brolin Empey escreveu:
> Brolin Empey wrote:
>> Now my FreeRunner’s USB port works for power, so I can
>> still charge the battery, but not for communications, so I think a
>> solder connection must have come undone. I need to try disassembling my
>> FreeRunner to check the connections for the USB connector so I can ask
>> someone at work to fix (resolder) the connection, but I have not yet
>> done so. It must be a hardware problem because QtMoko can still charge,
>> but nothing happens when I connect USB devices to my FreeRunner: no
>> kernel modules are automatically loaded, there are no kernel messages.
>> Manually loading the kernel modules (e.g., dm9601 for my USB→Ethernet
>> adapter) for the USB device does not help. It is not because of the
>> electrical/logical USB host/device setting because I checked that; I
>> know how to use sysfs to change it.

I don't want to seem cocky, but did you try do "ifdown usb0 ; ifup usb0"
in vala-terminal?

If still has no IP and connectivity, ifconfig usb0 IP netmask NETMASK ?


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