Radek Polak wrote:
> On Monday 01 March 2010 04:16:22 Brolin Empey wrote:
>> Does anyone use USB networking with their FreeRunner with Windows Vista
>> or Windows 7?
> I had it working with XP.

That does not matter to me because I do not use Windows XP any more.

> But now i switched all my machines (even at work) to
> linux. I think i left preinstalled win 7 on my notebook so i can try at home.

Did you try USB networking on Windows 7?

>> that does not even matter any more until I fix the USB port hardware
>> problem.
> You can try besides wifi also bluetooth networking. It should not be hard to
> set it up

It should not be hard to connect to my WLAN either, but of course it is. 
:P  The USB networking with Windows 7 should work reliably instead of 
intermittently too.

> (but doing it all with onscreen keyboard could require some
> patience). But there can be problem that bluetooth is sometimes gone after
> suspend/resume.

I thought that was fixed in 2.6.3x kernels?

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