Does anybody knows a kernel and a basic phone application that work
with Neo Freerunner?

When I say 'work', I mean the phone:
 - doesn't have to be restarted daily/weekly[/montly]
 - it is 100% reliable on making and receiving voice calls
 - it is 100% reliable on sending and receiving sms (even some are not
displayed well, like unicode characters, 'multipart' messages, etc.)
 - doesn't have to suspend if it can be used 'modestly' at least 20
hours without charging

The kernel doesn't have to be Linux.
The phone application doesn't have to be open source as long as it can
be downloaded without paying. No need of a virtual keyboard, except
for writing a phone number that will be called. If the address book
can be edited with a text editor or from command line it will be fine.

Currently, I use Radek's build, but the phone (or qtopia) has to be
restarted from time to time: it is slow on handling the voice calls,
and if the modem has to do more then one operation, like closing a
voice call while somebody else is calling or I receive a sms, it may
go in a state in which I cannot make a voice call.

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