there was literki which was a similar approach and I loved it.
However, there was some illume bug that prevented to open any
application in fullscreen. Thats why I stopped using it. So if u
manage to overcome that issues I would be pleased to use that :p

Maybe u can take a look at literki to grab some ideas or go on
extending that one instead of building one from scratch.

On 4/1/10, Chuck Norris <> wrote:
> I think it would be nice to have fullscreen transparent keyboard instead
> of small keyboard in the bottom that eats screen space. So anybody know
> application that fit my needs? I googled... but found nothing
> interesting. I've begun developing my own virtual keyboard. I've created
> sample gtk application - transparent window with one button that sends
> "a" to X. Will my keyboard be useful for anybody if I'll continue
> creating it?
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