On 4/4/10, Niels Heyvaert <nielsheyva...@hotmail.com> wrote:
>>>> I am afraid it is still draining the battery. I can use my FR for about
>>>> 8~10 hours with Android - current "featured" release.
>>> It seams like the Dialer will do this, if left unclosed. I'm not sure.
>> It seems you're doing something ugly wrong.
> The user is not doing anything wrong, Google is.
> This is because of how Android handles closing applications. When you close
> an app, it disappears from your desktop, but the application keeps running.

Thanks Niels.

I don't care *who* does something wrong. I just search for a way to
use Neo as an ordinary phone (not missing any call/SMS) first.

Someone might tell me that I do wrong using a phone instead of face to
face communication :). It may be true from a point of view.

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