I guess the modifications comes from me (I didn't know that google hides
my mail so well ;-) ). It was basically just a quick hack to make
ventura more comfortable according to my opinion. You can use the menu
to hide the buttons at the bottom of the screen, so you are able to
access links below them.


c_c wrote:
> Hi,
> Ben Thompson-3 wrote:
>>  I liked the uncluttered screen before and the menu button was larger and
>> easier to use with my fingers. Also, I don't like that fact that more
>> of the web page is now obscured by icons.
>    I've been thinking of moving the buttons to the top of the screen -
> seeing that most websites have the topmost part without any links.
>    I think the pg dn and pg up buttons actually make scrolling a lot simpler
> since the openmoko's graphics subsystem can't really cope up with the
> scrolling.
>    Actually, the edj file can be improved to hide the buttons when not in
> use. Perhaps someone with greater edj experience can help.
>    I'll update the edj file soon.

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