I just copied the compiled files and made a deb-archive using "debreate".
I anybody could compile and link it to the unstable/testing-debian-libs,
it would be great.

c_c schrieb:
> Hi,
>   @ Kai :  How do you compile packages for debian on FR? Using a toolchain
> or a bitbake recipe?
>   I don't have debian on my FR - or a build system for debian on my PC. What
> needs to be done is to build ewebkit and ventura using the debian build
> system.
>   My understanding is that if you can get ewebkit to compile (using whatever
> packages debian has - new or old or just differently named) then compiling
> ventura should not be an issue. 
>   You can check out the code from the repo at elm-browser.googlecode.com,
> change the Makefile.am to use the names of packages as existing in debian
> and run autogen.sh. ventura mainly depends on elementary and ewebkit.

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