Op maandag 17 mei 2010 06:28:26 schreef Radek Polak:

> If somebody brings up good reason why USB mass storage is needed i will
> make it possible as default in QtMoko.

I recently bought a car radio player with a usb port and my idea was to attach 
my neo to it, and use the micro sd as storage for my music. the extra side 
effect would be that my freerunner would get charged and it can be used as a 
gps-device at the same time.
I tried to use the car radio just as a charger, but it seems it doesn't charge 
correctly. Probably it cannot supply 500mA.
I will investigate further when i find some time to waste.

i hope this is a good reason for you :-)

(but it will probably never work anyway so please dont waste time on this :-)



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