Hello, community! This is my first time joining a mailing list, so excuse me if 
my netiquette leaves anything to be desired, and let me know.

A couple of weeks ago, I purchased an 8 gig Sandisk microsd card for my Neo 
Freerunner since it seems like Sandisk has a good track record of compatibility 
according to the wiki. Sadly, after finally getting it installed and having the 
time to experiment with it, it seems like its incompatible; when I run fdisk on 
it, fdisk completes without error, but the new partitions don't show up in /dev 
until I reboot the Freerunner. After that, I can mkfs, also without error, but 
checking the filesystem afterward yields that the filesystem is corrupt, and it 
remains corrupt despite fixing it (without error). Rebooting doesn't help in 
this case.

I've been using Linux exclusively for five years now, but please excuse me for 
not being very familiar with changing module options and what-not. My question 
is this: it seems like, in some areas of the wiki, users suggest changing glamo 
options for microsd to improve compatibility. I've tried the ones that I've 
read, and none seem to have had any appreciable affect. Is there a list 
somewhere that describes what-all these options are? Are there more things that 
I could try before giving up on this card?

My bootloader is the most recent version of Qi, and the system that I have in 
NAND is the most recent version of QtMoko. As far as I can tell, dmesg doesn't 
report any write errors or any errors related to the microsd except when I try 
to mount and it complains that it doesn't have a valid EXT3 filesystem.

Thank you in advance for your help, and I'm sorry if this message should 
instead be posted on a technical support mailing list somewhere. If so, could 
anyone point me toward it?


PS: Loving the Freerunner. I just wish that there was a more fool-proof way to 
hook it up with some more disk space.
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