Radek Polak <pson...@seznam.cz> writes:
>> SHR, and probably others too, have agps enabled by default. So i think it
>> should be fairly easy to add this. I did a little research and it seems
>> like all we have to do is to save the latest GPS data to a file when the
>> GPS is shut down and feed this data back to the GPS when starting GPS next
>> time.
> I have been searching the wiki, but havent found anything usefull on this. I 
> found just how to do AGPS using ublox online service.

When it's said FSO has agps enabled by default they mean FSO stores
ephemeris and almanac from the chip every time prior to powering it
off and loads the saved data after powering on. The code is there in
ogpsd. If the ephemiri data is fresh enough (2-4 hours max), the
effect is the same as downloading the data from the internet. Other
than that, there's no agps integration yet afaik.

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