On Sat, May 22, 2010 at 03:01:09AM -0700, Tracy Reed spake thusly:
> I bought this Freerunner when it was first released as part of the San
> Diego group buy back in July 2008. Although I was excited to do so at

No takers? Not even a "Here's $20 plus shipping"? I did say "best
offer" takes it. No "reserve". 

If nobody wants it within the next week then I guess it's off to the
recyclers. I had no idea interest had waned so dramatically. I'm
normally pretty good with investing in future technologies but I'm
shocked that this one was such a huge waste of $400-500 that now I can
barely even give it away. Of course, my OLPC G1G1 investment hasn't
exactly paid off either. I think I'm going to take it easy on the open
source hardware for a while.

Tracy Reed

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