Carsten Gerlach <> writes:
> Yes of course, you are right, maybe there is no need for a "new" distro, a 
> modification of a existing one can work. But when we come to your mentioned 
> read-only filesystem, then I dont't know if it is possible only by 
> configuring? And what is with all the drivers for wifi, USB, GSM and so on 

Surely it is possible to configure.

> which are not needed? Can we do this without compiling a new kernel?

There are no drivers for GSM in kernel. Is it a problem if there are
drivers for wifi and usb? Surely it should not cause any problems if
you just don't use them?

> Ok, my first test would be to take an existing distro and remove all 
> packages, 
> which I don't need. Then we will see...

No, take an existing distro and only install the packages you
need. There's no need to install some packages and then remove them
again, right?

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