Hi Marko,

> I have previously worked as the administrator of the Openmoko Wiki for the 
> last
> year. Unfortunately I have to announce that I will stop my involvement in the
> Openmoko community and so a new admin is needed.

Thanks for all the work you did!

> The reason for leaving is
> quite simple: I broke my FreeRunner last weekend at a party. Although I
> enjoyed my time with it I won't get another one. (Instead I'm getting an N900
> and hoping for MeeGo or Debian + FSO to provide a free OS for this device 
> soon)

Excellent. Fortunately Nokia provided me with a development device,
so I'm in possession of an N900 since monday. Lets see whether we can pull
something off.

In any case, if you have some spare time, I'd appreciate taking a look at the
FSO wiki, which covers the feasibility of all kinds of anti-vendor-ports as 

Best regards and thanks again,


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