Agree with Gennady. Look what happened to SHR!
It is also necessary to fix rndis & usb-host )

On Wed, 09 Mar 2011 22:48:28 +0300, Gennady Kupava wrote:

I hope there is still some chances that Radek will change his dicision.

From my point of view where is no real need in FSO/qt gibrid, because of
following reasons:

1. qt stack has richer functionalily, better performance, and less bugs than that FSO dbus/vala thing (don't throw rotten tomatoes to me plese) 2. qt has it's own resource management, FSO - it's own, rewriting qt one
to FSO one is worthless effort
3. where logs of significantly more useful, easier and non-destructive
goals to rich, i can suggest few:
3.1 switch back to X11. with new graphical subsystem performance this
will work great.
3.2 switch to newer qt versions
3.3 fix 100500 bugs left
3.4 add gta04 support <- most important
3.5 improve performance and usability
3.6 implement new features, like: 'geek' theme, sliding buttons in
answer screen

^^^ IMO this set can keep everyone busy for a while.

where is also no real benefit visible from switching to FSO. qtmoko will
become more complicated, more buggy, slower, harder to develop :(

I afraid i'll have to stay on non-FSO version forether. And certain,
this planned change worth more discussion. If someone wants FSO, better
to install it on debian or with SHR.


В Втр, 08/03/2011 в 18:00 +0100, Radek Polak пишет:
Dmitry Chistikov wrote:

> I'm afraid it's too early to ask, but could you give an estimate on how > much time it'll take to enable the use of FSO framework? Just something
> like "about a year" or, say, "not less than four months".

Writing simple dialer application could be matter of days/hours. Integrating all the functions so that it looks like qtmoko now will be much more difficult (i cant even guess how much). We also need FSO running on debian - i'd prefer current git version. I am not aware if there are debian packages for recent
FSO. Anyone knows?



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