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Hi list
In the announcement of QtMoko v33 there were some discussions about the
future of QtMoko.
But to date, I have not a clear vision about the current situation and the
future of QtMoko, so I want to ask some questions to developers.
1) QtMoko is based on Qt Extended, is this "Qt base" still in development
or is it an ended project? I mean, the main work on QtMoko is about
bringing new and improved code or about solving bugs?

Hi, much of the questions were already answered by Timo (thanks), i will try
to add some more info.

To avoid confusion i will try to explain what QtMoko is. From historical point
of view its:

qtopia =>  qt extended =>  qt extended improved =>  QtMoko

Please note that you cant use first three names for your projects, because they
are trademarks of Nokia, so that's why QtMoko.

 From technical point of view QtMoko is using regular Qt as framework for GUI,
networking and other nice features that Qt supports. Qt is just compiled with
custom configure switches. We can upgrade Qt from upstream and receive new Qt
features quite easily.

On top of Qt there are additional libraries for modem, bluetooth, wireless...
and programs like homescreen, dialer, bluetooth gui, media player. QtMoko is
upstream of these programs and libs. They can look like dead from the GIT
commit history, but they compile ok and are working well, so there is not much
reason to touch them.

 From my point of view there is nothing rotten in QtMoko except the build
system which is no longer working with newer Qt because QtScript has been
rewritten in upstream Qt and is no longer working in qbuild (qtmoko build

There are two ways to solve it - either fix it of switch the build system to
something else - most probably cmake.

3) If FSO, how many parts of the current QtMoko have to be rewritten? Will
FSO be more difficult to use (in terms of writing new code)?

It's hard to say now, i have just started with demo application that blinks
leds and it was quite easy ;-)

4) What about Qt Mobility?

If there is anything useful there we can use it.

5) Will QtMoko still remain Debian-based? (I hope so! :) )

Sure, but not only debian, you can compile if for any rootfs. I am now using
SHR unstable for work on FSO integration.

6) Is (or will be) there a way to write new apps (or modify extisting ones)
in a relative easy way such as using Qt Creator?

I try to add QtCreator projects for all new projects and i try to make sure
the apps work also on PC where you can debug them easily. I havent looked for
more integration like automatic deploy and debugging on the device, but on the
other hand scp&  gdb good enough for me.

Thanks for this detail - excuse my ignorance but how does the above fit into your comment about qtopiamail for SMS and getting a CLI going for SMSs in a future development?


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