On Monday 16 May 2011 10:47:56 Philip Rhoades wrote:

> > I try to add QtCreator projects for all new projects and i try to make
> > sure the apps work also on PC where you can debug them easily. I havent
> > looked for more integration like automatic deploy and debugging on the
> > device, but on the other hand scp&  gdb good enough for me.
> Thanks for this detail - excuse my ignorance but how does the above fit
> into your comment about qtopiamail for SMS and getting a CLI going for
> SMSs in a future development?

I will try to explain it. If you want to send SMS from command line it's 
probably not possible right now.

If you want to implement it, there are two ways. One is to implement some kind 
of RPC call to qtopiamail application - it's the QtMoko's GUI for sending SMS. 
You could learn it to send SMS without the GUI.

Another way is to wait until QtMoko can use FSO (freesmartphone.org) stack for 
telephony. Then you will be able to send SMS from command line with simple 
dbus call.

Current status for the FSO integration is that i have C++/Qt bindings and test 
program [1][2] for GSM calls, SMS should follow very soon. The test program 
can now make and receive calls and do other useful stuff like measuring signal, 
register to network etc...

Next step is to learn QtMoko dialer and qtopiamail to use these FSO bindings.

Then we need debian packages for FSO stack (anyone know if they exists and 
what is the current status?) and we can start using it.



[1] https://github.com/radekp/qtmoko/tree/master/src/libraries/qfso
[2] http://activationrecord.net/radekp/pub/fso-test.png

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