Alfa21 <> writes:
> 2011-05-24@14:15 Xavier Cremaschi
>> > If you try om utility (from omhacks package) it could have parameter for 
>> > enabling fast charge. Then you can edit the "Fast charge mode" script so 
>> > that 
>> > it uses "om" command (and send the result to me so that i can commit it as 
>> > patch ;-).  
>> Thanks for the hint. As soon as I will be able to log through ssh I will
>> try to find a way to make it work (86ma is probably not enough to start
>> WiFi)
> ah! keep in mind: if you enable wifi at least once in any boot
> cycle, your moko will drain more current than usual, also if you
> disconnect wifi and put the phone to sleep.

Are you really sure? Because i'm not aware of any bugs in this
area. Please clarify.

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