On Thu, May 26, 2011 at 12:44 PM, Radek Polak <pson...@seznam.cz> wrote:
> On Thursday 26 May 2011 12:08:07 Paul Fertser wrote:
>> Alfa21-mobile <freerun...@my.is.it> writes:
>> > maybe the scripts in qtmoko try to unbind it using a wrong path?
>> Possibly so :)
> You can run the script from terminal and see if it is ok. All the scripts are
> in /opt/qtmoko/bin - it's very easy to check what they do.

hi radek,i can confirm they are correct:
root@neo:~# grep -r sdi /opt/qtmoko/bin/
/opt/qtmoko/bin/wifi-bind.sh:echo s3c2440-sdi >
/opt/qtmoko/bin/wifi-unbind.sh:echo s3c2440-sdi >

and are executables... but I do not know neither if they are called
after a wifi disconnection, nor if after an unbind/bind cycle the
power consumption during stdby returns to the same state like after a
reboot (now I'm testing this one)

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