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Paul Fertser<fercer...@gmail.com>  writes:
Isn't the existing setup the same already (GPRS/HSDPA)? And with "persist"
option it should be pretty reliable.

I'm not sure if I would rely on persist alone. I use a combination of
hardware and software watchdogs [1] to implement reliable callback. If I
call the phone from a specific number it does not play the ringtone:
instead it hangs up and initiates a GPRS connection. When that is up it
sends the IP address and some extra information to my server.

This is quite reliable for me. I operated openmoko as an RTK-GPS base
station with this setup for months without having physical access.

[1] I use three watchdogs:

1) normal watchdog package that talks to the hardware via /dev/watchdog
2) custom perl script that verifies that the GSM is associated with a
3) a custom perl script that keeps the battery charged at around 60% to
prolong its life and to also shutdown the system safely if power is lost
for and the charge drops below 20%.

This sounds like what I want to do but from the other way around - use the Freerunner to connect to a remote Fedora machine with a Virgin (Australia) mobile broadband that is connected when I leave it but eventually disconnects some hours or days later. I am trying to work out a way of dialling back in . .


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