On Wednesday 08 June 2011 23:56:49 Guilhem Bonnefille wrote:

> I discovered that navit has a Qt frontend. So, I firstly do not
> understand why we should use Qx to run navit. Then, I discovered that
> the libQtGui provided by official Debian package is compiled with X11
> support.
> Where do the /opt/qtmoko/lib/libQtGui.so.4 came from?

QtMoko (or previously Qtopia) was meant to be embedded thing and it bundles 
it's own QT - in sources it's under qtopiacore/qt This is then built to 
/opt/qtmoko/lib/libQt* binaries.

As for source code - it's vanilla QT 4.5.3 from Nokia's git with like 2..3 one 
liner patches.

Building QT is part of the build system and build files. When you build qtmoko 
with configure && make && make install it also builds QT.

> Is there any solution to find to replace Debian's package libqtgui4
> with a one compiled without X11 support?

This is something i am very interested in. If we could install QWS version of 
QT (embedded one which paints to framebuffer) it might be theoretically 
possible to run all QT applications in debian without recompiling.

But this has to be tested and we would have to upgrade QtMoko's QT to 4.6 so 
that it's the same version as in debian.

> Anybody to rebuild just navit-graphics-qt-qpainter package with the Qt
> version of QtMoko?

Hmm interesting - if navit-graphics-qt-qpainter is separate and not big 
project it could have been simple.



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