This is the first I have heard of removing the case screws to reduce echo. Has this worked for anyone else?
On 08/29/2011 03:13 PM, Paul Fertser wrote:

Thanks for sharing the valueable info :)

Tiago Bortoletto Vaz<>  writes:
  • I was not able to have default Freerunner headset working on an
  acceptable quality. Help will be very welcome.
I think the voip-handset state file is supposed to be used with the
handset (i.e. builtin mic and speaker) rather than with the
headset. You'd need to study the routing diagram[1] to see what
changes are needed to get a voip-headset setup.

To check if it's working, you can simply load the statefile and then
use ``arecord'' to record a sample file, scp it to your PC and check
the levels and quality. Then scp some other known to be good file from
PC to FR and use ``aplay'' to check the playback quality.

Also, make sure you're not CPU-bound. As s3c2442 lacks an FPU, you
probably should avoid codecs that require floating point operations,
and also probably you might need to disable echo cancellation and/or
silence detection.

Be warned though, afaict the FR case (especially if you have both
screws properly secured, i personally use my device without those for
several years without any issues) provokes echo, so you might need to
find an acceptable way (yet-to-be-discovered hardware mod or software)
to do echo cancellation.


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