Am 29.12.2011 um 13:06 schrieb Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller:

> Hi Ben,
> Am 29.12.2011 um 12:49 schrieb Ben Thompson:
>> Hi
>> Thank you for creating the GTA04.
>> My problem is the early bird pricing which it seems to me requires some 
>> people pay more than others, without any real incentive or added value in 
>> the goods received. I don't want to pay 474 euros one
> Well, the early birds take a higher risk that the group tour does
> not start at all. If someone waits until 9th of February it is much
> easier to estimate.
> Those who subscribe early simply have to wait much longer
> although they have paid. This is why we developed this early
> bird rebate at all, to give some benefit to those who really
> subscribe early and taking more risk.
>> day when you were offering the same item the day before for 449 euros. First 
>> you need to find out if my view is held by others, if so my advice would be 
>> to write to the current subscribers to the group tour explaining that you 
>> made a mistake with the pricing, and ask permission to cancel their orders. 
>> Then you could create a new group buy with fair pricing for all which I am 
>> guessing would be a price somewhere between 449 and 499 euros.
> The amount of the rebate we give to the early birds is driven
> by donations and these are too limited to spread to everyone.
> The fair price to everyone would be 499 EUR which covers all
> cost we expect (i.e. we don't have 350*50 EUR = 17500 EUR).

I should ass that the 449-499 EUR also include some money
set aside for developing future devices. Reducing the price for
everyone by that amount wouldn't help for a long-term future.

> So what do those think who have already ordered? Would you
> think that cancelling the orders and start a new group buy is
> an way to go?
> Nikolaus
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