The infrared thermometer on my GTA02 has been very useful and it is not something that the iphone guys have. I will probably not be doing any soldering on my GTA04 for a while, but it might be something interesting to add to GTA05.

I think the BMP085 in GTA04 is something the iphone guys don't have. Getting some clues for the upcoming weather is very useful when you are completely without signal.

A threaded/prepared camera hole for attaching a microscope or telescope lense would be nice.

This is probably best done over USB, but it could be done over an I2C adc converter
    ph meter

GPS that reliably gets a fix and displays in an app such as foxtrotgps while driving and hiking. I can wake the phone from suspend and find our location on the map before my friends who are using a paper map.(GTA02 does not do this)

GPS app is able to download map tiles from my home server if I find myself outside of the area I planned to be (GTA02 does this)

Phone tracks barometric pressure overnight while camping to give an indication of the upcoming day's weather. (my GTA02 does this, most do not, GTA04 does)

Phone is able to play pre-downloaded podcasts or radio over headphones or speakers in the evening(GTA02 does half of this - headphone issues)

Finger-friendly email(qtmoko does this, noone else has it yet)

A web browser that works well enough to buy something online using the phone (from a site where I have not purchased before) (noone has this yet)

While driving I can hand the phone to a passenger who is tech-savvy but not familiar with openmoko. They are able to wake, unlock, dial, start gps, start browser without much coaching from me. (qtmoko is closest, but noone has this yet)

I take the phone from my pocket, wake it up, and take a picture faster than I can take off and open my backpack, take out my real camera, and take a picture. (not sure if anyone has this)

I can enable an option so the phone makes noise when it associates with a tower(noone has this)

I can reliably write an SMS, click send, and know it will be sent next time the phone has signal(I don't think anyone has this)

I can enable Wifi tethering that a friend with a non-linux laptop can use(noone has this)

I can keep most of my data on a dmcrypt partition that is decrypted after entering a pin in a gui login screen(noone has this)

I can boot from NAND into an OS that runs at low brightness with everything but GSM turned off, access to contacts on my SIM, a dialer, ability to answer, SMS (aurora is working on this)

Turn off the tv at my table at the resturaunt using IR (limited range is ok - the TV is at my table, not accross the bar)

Plug phone into my car-stereo usb port, stereo sees a mass storage device with my music on it. (GTA02 does this, but file-system corruption follows)

Reliable accelerometer screen rotation with bigger keyboard in landscape (this works sometimes on SHR)

GPS program displays heading information from a digital compass, but position information from the GPS (multiple gpsd instances?)

Easilly switch music output between loudspeaker, headphones, FM transmitter.

An app to transmit arbitrary RDS (the text on FM tuner) while iterating over frequencies

PGP encrypted voip (

Make a small change to a python/perl program using full screen transparent terminal keyboard.

Show my friends pictures I have taken on the phone by dragging from one to the next.

Using GPS, compass, gyros, accelerometers, camera to display an augmented reality view of the night sky

There is about 20 minutes worth of ideas, but I will keep thinking.


On 04/28/2012 05:52 AM, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
It has become a little quiet here in the last weeks so that I
really fear about the spirit and status of this community.

So what are your dreams with respect to open mobile handhelds?
What would you like as future hardware? What to see in software
distros? Anything else? What missing piece are you waiting for?

If we exchange these ideas it may be possible that we all
work together (with smaller and bigger contributions - everyone
as he/she likes) to fulfill them...

Otherwise I guess we have just to consume what Apple, Samsung,
MS-Nokia and others are confronting us with in the next years.
May it be open or closed as they like.

Or is this where we see our future? Or am I completely wrong in my impression?

Phew - a lot of questions and so early in the morning :)


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