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> The idea is that the keyboard is integrated in the back battery cover. And if 
> you remove
> it, both parts (main body and battery cover/keyboard) are connected through a 
> small
> ribbon cable.
> I.e. you remove the keyboard, fold it by 180 degrees so that the keys show in 
> the same
> direction as the display and you can us the display in landscape format.
> If that works out with the snap mechanism of the battery cover and/or if it 
> needs
> some physical connection between both parts has to be worked out.

I don't want to be negative (just reaistic), the list of disadvantages
of such a solution (keyboard in battery cover, or with hinge) is:

1) works only on desktop or table surface, i.e. not while walking or

2) open the battery cover many more times (as for hard reset with battery
lift) will break the case soon;

3) you are forced to use landscape applications, while most of the apps
today are in portait;

4) perhaps your battery will fall out (if not secured with something) in
a lot of cases, esp. if it is the most important situation :-)

to be continued...


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