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On Wednesday 09 May 2012 13:43:21 Travis Bachelder wrote:
> Oops forgot to change the subject.
> I'm trying to figure out how to download and install Neotools. When I go
> the this link http://users.on.net/~antisol/neotool. It goes to what look
> like the code?
> I read somewhere that I can copy this to Gedit and use some terminal
> commands to install it.
> Am I missing something?

You are not missing something, but as I recall from a previous post, you are 
new to using Ubuntu/Linux. 

If you come from MS Windows, I guess you are familiar with .bat batch files. 
The page you see at ~antisol/neotool is comparable to a batch script (with the 
difference of being more powerful etc, fill in Linux marketing ;-) ).

To "install" you can follow (at least) two paths: 
- open the page in your web browser, copy the text and paste it in a text 
file, or
- use the command line: wget http://users.on.net/~antisol/neotool

The second will get the file and put it in your current directory.

To use the script, it has to be executable. Use "chmod + x filename" to add 
(+) execution rights (x) to the file. You would type at the command prompt 
"chmod +x neotool" , for example. After that, to run: ./neotool  (or whatever 
name you gave it).

It has some dependencies, which you probably installed after reading the wiki.

The whole chat with your computer could look like (it's a bit of an artists 
impression, but should give you an idea): 

traba@rig:~/$ sudo apt-get install bash zenity which awk
[sudo] password for traba:

traba@rig:~/$ wget http://users.on.net/~antisol/neotool
--2012-05-09 21:25:56--  http://users.on.net/~antisol/neotool
Resolving users.on.net (users.on.net)...
Connecting to users.on.net (users.on.net)||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 25024 (24K) [text/plain]
Saving to: `neotool'

100%[===================================================>] 25,024      35.0K/s  
in 0.7s    

2012-05-09 21:25:58 (35.0 KB/s) - `neotool' saved [25024/25024]

traba@rig:~/neo$ chmod +x neotool 
traba@rig:~/$ sudo ./neotool 
NeoTool v1.3, By Dale Maggee. (C) 2008. GNU GPLv3 Licensed.

Here it will give you a dialog box with options to flash your Neo, as shown on 
the wiki. In case of problems, you got the mailinglist at your disposal ;-)

Good luck and have lots of fun with your Freerunner!


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