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> A couple of quick questions about the keyboard prototype: 
> - is this a flexible PCB? Or could it be printed on a flexible substrate so 
> that surface can be bent?

The prototype [1] is a 1mm FR4 PCB because pressing the buttons needs a quite 
stiff counterpart.

Bending should be possible, but keep in mind that the buttons we use have 4 
solder joints at the corners.
I don't know how easily they break when bending the PCB. But if you glue the 
bent PCB on a rounded stiff
substrate it could work well.

You could try a company like Leiton (they have an online shop for such flex 


> - what are the dimensions of the PCB? how thick should the whole keyboard be 
> with the buttons included?

The dimensions are following the current battery cover. I.e. it is 50x109 mm. 
The radius of the "ears" is 25mm.
I.e. you can think of a 50x59 mm rectangle with two 25mm radius half-circles.
But this is just the prototype and making a different keyboard PCB should not 
be a major challenge...

The thickness is 1mm for the PCB and the buttons are Panasonic EVQPQ series 
(because they are
easily available @ DigiKey):


Thickness is 0.55 mm. I.e. the total thickness is 1.55mm + any mechanics from 

Hope this answers some questions...


[1]: http://www.handheld-linux.com/wiki.php?page=GTA04%3AKeyboard
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