hi all,
i broke the screen on my freerunner a while back (although it still
displayed, and the touch part sort of worked), and put a new one in
last week, bought from a seller on ebay.

i booted the freerunner up, and the screen appeared to work fine, boot
text was moving across the screen. however, when qtmoko started, the
timer thing in the centre of the screen stayed on, and then qtmoko
restarted. then it restarted again, and again, and again. i ran top
via ssh from my laptop, and cpu for qpe is very high all the time.

so, i uninstalled and purged qtmoko, then reinstalled (v.44-1). same
thing again.

any suggestions what to do? i've checked the connections on the screen
and they are fine. i wonder if it's anything to do with the
calibration of the touchpad? is there anyway to manually edit it, i.e.
a .conf file somewhere?



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