Do  17. Mai 2012
> So I suggest to everyone on this mailing list to give an
> indication like this:

FIRST: look at my mail addr! Guess where it's hosted.
SECOND: there's quite some stuff in /home/* and other places of several of 
those servers, that's definitely not meant to go public. There are internal 
ML, datasheets and even sources under NDA, whatnot.

I don't like this to get handed out to random admin folks. Sean as well will 
rise objections (if he's aware of the problem) [Sean, you know I always been 
one of the most vivid proponents of disclosing *everything* to public, but 
there are definitely both legal and privacy limitations in doing so here. 
Harald's assumption that stuff is nicely separated on several vservers might 
not hold true, e.g already passwords for wiki user accounts must not get 
disclosed. I'm extremely sceptic about the direction this thing moves here]

THIRD: has been missing since weeks now, and that's where the 
whole hassle started. So assuming we can solve the problem by shutting down 
even more of the infra is the wrong angle to tackle the issue. Even if we find 
${WHATEVER} is a service not actually used anymore, even if we 
spot 80% of the ML being zombie state, we still need infra for the remaining 
stuff that's evidently used. So no use in such a poll right now - distracting.


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