Mi  16. Mai 2012
> Hi,
> since I personally want to make sure that the material created by the
> openmoko community does not get lost I created an unofficial mirror for
> git.openmoko.org, wiki.openmoko.org and lists.openmoko.org:
> http://iki.fi/lindi/openmoko/mirror/
> I documented the hacky scripts that I wrote yesterday to do this in the
> "mirror-tools/" subdirectories. Please let me know if something
> important is missing from the data (the wiki dump should contain all
> pages with history and also binary files).
> -Timo

you're THE MAN!
That's a pragmatic and actually helpful approach (btw an approach open every 
time to anybody not willing to just whine and wait what's coming)

many many thanks!

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