On Mon, 2012-05-21 at 09:08 +0200, e...@kapitein.org wrote:
> Hi Alon,
> Are you sure the phone is completly shutdown e.g. did you issue "init 0" from 
> a console or ssh session?
> I'm currious if the phone  could wake from init 0.
> You can try to clear the RealTimeClock by using the rtcwake command, if that 
> is available on your phone.
> Kind regards,
> Ed

Hello Ed,

The phone was definitely off. After switching it off I verified by
booting into u-boot via power and AUX buttons and selecting power off.

Are the wake up settings cleared by removing the battery (e.g. for 10

I'll test switching off the phone via the "init 0" command from a
terminal. rtcwake is available (in QtMoko v26) - is there a specific
command I should use to prevent the phone from turning on when shut



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