Hi Sean,

Am 22.05.2012 um 16:00 schrieb Sean Moss-Pultz:

> Dear Community
> (Here comes an overdue update...)
> Harald, with help from Roh and Gismo, has been updating /
> consolidating our server infrastructure and will soon migrate to
> modern hardware.
> I'm working on transferring the openmoko.org trademark and domain
> ownership to a recognized non-profit entity in the Free Software


> community. This is an important step that we've wanted to do for some
> time. More details will follow.

I hope there will be some way that *we* (the community) can influence/decide
about our faith, i.e. by choosing or voting for the new entity finally owning
the trademark.

What I would not like to see is that it is going to be some entity I have never
heard of and therefore have neither trust in nor an idea where they will
move us to.

But you may already plan to ask us for proposals.

> In the meantime, we're actively looking for a volunteer with strong
> sysadmin skills to continue to maintain the infrastructure after these
> changes. The basic setup will consist of debian systems with apache,
> lighttpd, mediawiki, trac, svn, git, exim, mailman, cyrus-imapd,
> openvz, vsftpd and munin. If anyone is interested, please contact
> myself and Harald off-list.
> Finally, I want to give a personal thanks to Roh and Gismo for all
> their work keeping our infrastructure alive.

me too!


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