On Saturday 26 May 2012 17:12:40 robin wrote:

> as we cannot solve neither a) and only with new cad files maybe at some
> point b) the best for an application would be to run always in fullscreen.
> Your new keyboard is essentially the key to survive on the current screen
> as it doesn't cover anything. Now with qtmoko apps there is always the
> topbar on and usually the bottom bar to either close it or to get
> additional options. I don't know if this is feasable but maybe clicking
> top left (or some sliding movement) would show the top bar (usually i
> don't need to know about time and gsm reception when I eg use the internet
> browser) and may something similar for the bottom bar: eg. it would only
> appear if you swip from bottom left to bottom right.

I was thinking about something like this too. I have no idea how difficult 
would it be to implement something like this, but it would be nice...

> best regards and thanks again for all your efforts. do you already have a
> release date for the gta02 version with the new keyboard in mind?

The keyboard is now nearly done. I think i will do v45 once the keyboard is 



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