On 31/05/12 16:36, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
> 4. Nomenclature OpenPhoneux/GTA04
> There may be some confusion what "GTA04" and "OpenPhoneux"
> are and what makes them different.
> We define:
> * GTA*: the next generation motherboard(s), i.e. electronics
> * OpenPhonux: the future "independent mobile handheld" project
>     aiming at complete devices (i.e. GTA04 + case + components)
> Currently, we run the domains www.gta04.org and
> www.openphoenux.org. The Openphoenux.org home
> page will be made more prominent and content rich soon.

This was a really informative post - thanks! But how are you going to spell the new baby's name? I see Phoenux, Phoneux, and Phonux all within a few lines.

If we were voting, I'd go for OpenPhonux, because it's roughly equal parts Phone, Phoenix and Linux which seems about right.

Also, importantly I think, if you heard it spoken you'd probably be able to guess correctly how it's spelled, which helps with googling and word-of-mouth publicity. And it has the sound "phone" in it which helps tell people what it is ("Phoenux" doesn't, at least in English). And "Phoneux" looks as if it should be pronounced in French (or is that just me ...).

But of course it's the parents who should name the baby, and I'm really only a bystander, though soon-to-be GTA04 owner ...

Nick Sheppard

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