GTA02 seems to be able to supply a lot of power. I have used mine to charge a Petzl core battery. The charging was less important than using the GTA02 to reprogram the battery's internal regulator. It had no problem powering the ELM327, but I would hope that is getting the power from the car's electrical system.

On 06/03/2012 04:49 PM, Jeffrey Ratcliffe wrote:
On 3 June 2012 21:43, Benjamin Deering<>  wrote:
I've used a usb ELM327 based scanner with my GTA02.  I have successfully
read codes, cleared codes, and watched sensors. I use this program: but I strip out references to the graph
library is I couldn't find it for GTA02.  I cant seem to find my modified
script or I would share it.

Were you able to draw power over the USB connection?



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