Simon Busch <> writes:

> I would be really happy to hear what other people are thinking about
> the idea behind FSO since it was started back in 2008. What are your
> missing features? What do you like and what not?

All of the details you've described sound to me like excellent and
compelling things to work on.

But your wider problem is that you're working in a vacuum, because
there's no reasonably widely used phone distribution that uses FSO and
that is also regularly and safely updated.  That means you have no users
for your incremental improvements.

Obviously there's SHR, but from what I see on the mailing lists it seems
to me that the development edge of SHR is a complete basket case:
constantly broken and regressing in very basic functionality.

I think you either need to change SHR's approach, or to find/create
another compelling distribution (perhaps around Aurora) that uses FSO;
otherwise all your planned improvements won't help anyone.

I'm sorry to be so negative and unconstructive here, but it seems clear
to me that SHR is your "elephant in the room", and I don't think you
should ignore that.


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