On Sun, Jul 22, 2012 at 3:33 PM, Neil Jerram <n...@ossau.homelinux.net>wrote:

> Simon Busch <morp...@gravedo.de> writes:
> > I would be really happy to hear what other people are thinking about
> > the idea behind FSO since it was started back in 2008. What are your
> > missing features? What do you like and what not?
> All of the details you've described sound to me like excellent and
> compelling things to work on.
> But your wider problem is that you're working in a vacuum, because
> there's no reasonably widely used phone distribution that uses FSO and
> that is also regularly and safely updated.  That means you have no users
> for your incremental improvements.
Does QTMoko not use FSO now? If yet then Radek has a pretty usable upper
layer out there now where end users can try out the improvements in FSO.

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