QtMoko v46 for GTA04 is out! You can download here[1]. For more info please 
visit our homepage [2].

There are many changes since v45 so please consider this version a bit 
experimental. List of changes is here:
  * upgraded to qt 4.7
  * checking for new SMS after resume (Neil Jerram)
  * HW voice routing for GTA04A4 (Andreas Kemnade)
  * not closing serial port on suspend now, it's not needed anymore
  * CLCC polling after resume to avoid missed call
  * make hangup of dialed call working
  * killing all programs that have open card on GSM call
  * using AUX led for missed calls now
  * accelerometers are now working on GTA04 (Neil Jerram)
  * accelerometer code is now in separate library (Neil Jerram)
  * fixed keyboard popup in nerongps (Neil Jerram)
  * instructions for building with emdebian toolchain
  * big always visible button for keyboard showing/hiding
  * yberbrowser - new touch friendly browser
  * qmplayer has now option to lock screen
  * qmplayer has reworked volume up/down
  * german keyboard layout installable from qtmoko apps web
  * fixed umlauts in german keyboard layout (Peter Fey)
  * removed simplefm from image
  * many debian package changes/workarounds for Qt 4.7
  * current_now value is displayed on the home screen
  * depend on libjpeg8-dev now and lsof package
  * system info now displays nice version info
  * downgraded to 3.2 kernel
  * gta04 init has fixed booting from mmcblk0p5..p9

As you can see the most breaking change is Qt 4.7. It took me 3 years to 
upgrade Qt. So now we have recent changes which mainly means:

* we can have and we now have good web browser
* it's possible to port new apps using qml and other new Qt features (monav, 
marble, etc...)

The new web browser is yberbrowser. It's fast, nice and touch friendly. It's 
first time i have enjoyed browsing we in QtMoko. You can check this [3] video 
or try it yourself.

As for other changes. Most important is telephony and SMS. Since i upgraded to 
GTA04A4 i had many problems - missed calls, SMS. I hope we have now found 
workarounds and fixes for them. Thanks SHR guys for the idea of polling SMS 
after resume and Neil Jerram for implementing them. Missed calls should be now 
fixed too with CLCC polling after resume. I have been using this version for 
some time and telephony looks good.

GTA04A4 users can now enjoy HW sound routing thanks to Andreas Kemnade. It 
works really good. Call volume can be now much louder without echo. MIC volume 
could be probably higher - i'll leave this for v47.

I have currently problems with ringtones - they cause no sound in calls. This 
can be GTA04A4 specific bug, because i never had it with A3. Maybe this is 
somehow related to this [4] message in kernel log. The workaround for now is 
to use vibra motor - this is default in tar.gz image. You can do it manually 
in settings->Ringtones and profiles->Meeting->activate from context menu.

Neil Jerram has also imlemented accelerometers for GTA04 and put it together 
with GTA02 accels into separate library. You can test it in QtMaze. It will be 
base for auto rotation in some next release.

You can now always see how much energy is the phone drawing - on home screen 
there are values for current_now/current_now_after_resume. It seems that i 
have current_now after resume 35mA. This used to be 25mA on GTA04A3 - so i 
wonder what can be problem. I tried older qtmoko releases and always had 
33..35mA - i couldnt get to 25mA. I dont have A3 anymore so i cant check if 
it's HW or SW problem.

I think most of the other changes are quite self explaining. I am now working 
on making GTA02 version. But my 2 week long holidays are starting on Monday so 
it can be after holidays.

Enjoy the release


[1] http://sourceforge.net/projects/qtmoko/files/GTA04/
[2] http://qtmoko.sourceforge.net/
[3] http://youtu.be/KZBUr_Qs3Zk


Jul 28 22:05:04 neo kernel: [  117.245361] [<c00122a8>] 
(unwind_backtrace+0x0/0xe0) from [<c00254cc>] (omap_dma_unlink_lch+0x6c/0x8c)
Jul 28 22:05:04 neo kernel: [  117.255187] [<c00254cc>] 
(omap_dma_unlink_lch+0x6c/0x8c) from [<c032d7f0>] (omap_pcm_hw_free+0x28/0x54)
Jul 28 22:05:04 neo kernel: [  117.265045] [<c032d7f0>] 
(omap_pcm_hw_free+0x28/0x54) from [<c02feb50>] (soc_pcm_hw_free+0x88/0xd8)
Jul 28 22:05:04 neo kernel: [  117.274536] [<c02feb50>] 
(soc_pcm_hw_free+0x88/0xd8) from [<c02e113c>] 
Jul 28 22:05:04 neo kernel: [  117.284851] [<c02e113c>] 
(snd_pcm_release_substream+0x44/0xa4) from [<c02e11c4>] 
Jul 28 22:05:04 neo kernel: [  117.295166] [<c02e11c4>] 
(snd_pcm_release+0x28/0x6c) from [<c00a4584>] (fput+0x104/0x1f8)
Jul 28 22:05:04 neo kernel: [  117.303771] [<c00a4584>] (fput+0x104/0x1f8) 
from [<c00a1298>] (filp_close+0x70/0x7c)
Jul 28 22:05:04 neo kernel: [  117.311950] [<c00a1298>] (filp_close+0x70/0x7c) 
from [<c00a136c>] (sys_close+0xc8/0x120)
Jul 28 22:05:04 neo kernel: [  117.320465] [<c00a136c>] (sys_close+0xc8/0x120) 
from [<c000d8c0>] (ret_fast_syscall+0x0/0x30)

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